Result of the Community Survey

Dear fellows and CFD enthusiasts, first of all I want to thank everybody who participated to Holzmann CFD's community survey which took place the whole December 2017. The poll got more than 450 votes and demonstrated the interested of the community in Holzmann CFD's work and ongoing projects. Again thanks for participating even though, one knows that there were probably a few people voting more often during the days :o)

The official result of the survey can be checked out » here «

The most interest was the development of a 2D mesh refinement library which will be developed in the next weeks/month. Keep in mind that Tobias Holzmann will finish his Ph.D. the next month and will have a longer holiday after that. The development should come some when during mid of the year 2018.

The second most interest was the investigation into the meshing tool snappyHexMesh and the mesh quality criterion. This topic will be further investigated with new screencasts if there will be time in 2018 to do it.

The community decided to go into this two directions. However, a brief summary of the rest options is given now:

  • Developing in OpenFOAM®
    » There are already a complete series of training videos out - please check out the Training section
  • Combustion Modeling
    » This topic is way to big to describe. In addition Holzmann CFD is only familiar with the flamelet model.
  • Advanced concepts
    » Turbulence related topics can be found elsewhere as well as multiphase and acoustic. The Foundation version does not support the acoustic solvers that's why I never used them or spend time into the solver and its theory.
  • Overset Mesh
    » Same same but different. This library is not supported in the Foundation version and therefore I never checked it out.
  • Holzmann CFD's book - Mathematics, Numerics, Derivations and OpenFOAM®
    » It will be updated after the Ph.D. is done and maybe a new  contributor will participate in the extension of turbulent flow fields.
  • CHT
    » There are already CHT cases published on the website, just search them and get familiar.
  • Characterization of the solvers
    » One will get all the information out of the User Guide.
  • Meshing for irregular terrains
    » Please send me some geometry file in order to prepare one meshing training case. Adaptive mesh refinement is another topic and will not be covered here. 2D meshing is already given in a few tutorials.
  • Turbomachinery
    » That is not my topic at all and the keys not special enough.
  • The rest answers had less or equal 10 votes and are not discussed further.

Thanks for taking part in the poll and thanks for being part of the community.
All the best and keep foaming,
Tobias Holzmann