OpenFOAM® Tutorials about Meshing

The main part in numerical simulations is the generation of the numerical mesh. If one has a simple 2D orthogonal mesh, the task is not difficult at all. Different applications can be used for that purpose such as blockMesh and/or Salome®. However, in engineering applications the geometries are probably almost highly complex and therefore tough to mesh. For meshing complex geometries there are different applications out as well such as cfMesh or snappyHexMesh. A lot of people think snappyHexMesh cannot handle their problem based on bad experience and non expected mesh results. As snappyHexMesh is one of the flexible and powerful open source applications for complex meshing Holzmann CFD came across, the correct usage is demonstrated here. One should be aware of the correct triangulation of the surfaces and the correct set-up of the control dictionary. A training video session for meshing can be found in the Training tab. The tutorials given here use a well described run script and a clean / understandable procedure. Other possibile ways to build complex mesh are:

  • Using another such as cfMesh
  • Building a triangulated mesh and build a polygon mesh using the polyDualMesh application in OpenFOAM®


  Description Applications Features
#1 Generation of Arbitrary Cell Zones  snappyHexMesh cellZones
#2 Multi Region Meshing  snappyHexMesh  
#3 Multi Region Meshing with Additional Layer Generation  snappyHexMesh Layers
#4 Correct FeatureEdge Mesh Refinement  snappyHexMesh featureEdges
#5 Sphere Meshing with Layer Generation  snappyHexMesh Layers
#6 Meshing a Melting Pot  snappyHexMesh parallel
#7 Meshing a Complex Helix Geometry  snappyHexMesh Layers
#8 Meshing a Pipe under 45° and 90°  snappyHexMesh Layers
#9 2D Rotational Symmetric Mesh Generation  snappyHexMesh 2D