OpenFOAM® Videos 2014


  Description Solver Published
#1 Shrinkage Model based on density change build during my Ph.D. for my colleague own Solver no
#2 Buoyant Driven Flow in a Window (2D) buoyantPimpleFoam no
#3 Hydraulic Jump analyze of a 2D Rotational Geometry interFoam yes
#4 2-Stroke Engine Boundary Condition check pimpleFoam yes
#5 Hydraulic Jump in an river (2D) interFoam yes
#6 Carburetor filling up with fuel interFoam no
#7 Cup of Coffee and its Convection around the Cup chtMultiRegionFoam no
#8 Rotating blades (mixer) modeled using the AMI Boundary Condition interDyMFoam no
#9 FAN simulation with AMI Boundary Condition pimpleDyMFoam no