setSet Application in OpenFOAM®

The brief training video guides one through the OpenFOAM® application named setSet. The application is used in order to generate cellSets and faceSets within the already existing numerical mesh. These sets are used subsequently in different applications such as topoSet or in special functionalities OpenFOAM® offers such as the function objects. The application itself has more than 40 different ways to build the cell- and faceSets. In addition, the application offers one the generation of cellZones out of cellSets which is very powerful, especially for multi-region meshing problems. The application can be run in a batch mode. Therefore, a list of commands, which are stored in a file are subsequently executed. The easy usage and simplicity of setSet moves this application to a must have and must known one.

The training video shows one the usage of setSet to build a cellZone which is subsequently used for splitting the mesh into different regions while using the generated cellZones.