4. Start an OpenFOAM® Project

The main goal of most engineers and OpenFOAM® users is the successful simulation of the problem of interest. OpenFOAM® is different to other software toolboxes such as commercial one and do not allow mistakes. Especially new OpenFOAM® users fight with simple error messages which cannot be interpreted based on laziness or lack of knowledge. OpenFOAM® does not forgive mistakes. Thus, the user has to know what one is doing. To avoid common mistakes and demonstrate how to set-up an OpenFOAM® case with all different topics, Holzmann CFD build the training session #4. It is demonstrated how Holzmann CFD builds most of the OpenFOAM® cases. Following the instructions provided in the training videos allow one to build complex meshes with snappyHexMesh and the subsequent successfully solving procedure. Enjoy.

4.1 Basic Information

4.2 Prepare the Geometry


4.3 Repairing the Geometry

4.4 Surface Triangulation


4.5 STL Preparation

4.6 First snappyHexMesh


4.7 Optimization of the mesh

4.8 Boundary Set-up and First Run


4.9 Advanced Boundary Conditions